Hope for Rebuilding America - Highlights from the 31st IRMI Construction Risk Conference

From November 14 to 17, 2011, San Diego was home to the 31st IRMI Construction Risk Conference. Representatives from VUE Software, a proud sponsor of the event, attended to participate in conversations about this year’s most important construction risk management issues.

Nearly 1200 attendees from the nation’s construction insurers, brokers, contractors, and construction management firms were present. It was a great opportunity for VUE Software representatives to meet with clients of its VUE Wrap-Up Management solution, the preeminent technology available for administering OCIP and CCIP programs.  Client Turner Surety and Insurance Brokerage sponsored the popular internet café, where attendees could relax with a cappuccino and free WiFi. Alliant Insurance Services, the newest VUE Wrap-Up Management client, also attended and hosted a gracious after-hours invite-only networking event.

A major highlight of the event was the general session on rebuilding the World Trade Center. Representatives from the contractors, insurers and brokers for the insurance coverage on the building at the World Trade Centers were in attendance to discuss the risk management challenges this epic construction project, including terrorism risk, damage to public property, and the high level of pedestrian traffic around the job site. It was inspiring to hear from this highly talented group of individuals and the level of attention that went into to every detail of the project. And as an enduring symbol of American pride, the World Trade Center’s rebuild project signifies hope for the nation’s future prosperity.

In addition to the inspiring general session, two sessions of note focused on various issues of wrap-up programs. The Wrap-Up Debate got the audience’s opinion on major aspects of wrap-up binding and administration, including Program type, Enrollment, and Coverage. Deconstructing the Wrap-Up Pro-Forma was an in-depth exploration of the importance of an accurate pro-forma, or feasibility study, to ensure the program meets the intended goals.

Thank you to all speakers, IRMI representatives, attendees and sponsors who made this 31st conference a success. We are proud to be a part of this esteemed event and look forward to another valuable conference next year.