How Small CIP Admin Firms Compete (and Win) Against Big Ones

I recently came across a blog post on the website for Cobb Strecker Dunphy and Zimmerman, a commercial insurance and surety company that services the construction industry, among others. The post was titled When Bigger is Just Bigger, and one section in particular struck a chord.

Author Jerry Oimet writes, “The biggest drivers of long term relationship success are engagement and expertise. These are difficult items to leverage as an organization but technology has certainly helped smaller boutique firms compete in law, construction and risk management where trust and credibility are critical.” (Emphasis added.)

I’m not certain which technologies Mr. Oimet had in mind, but I find this concept to be 100% accurate when it comes to CIP administration.

 Controlled Insurance Program - Wrap-Up 


Our clients are brokerages that offer wrap-up administration services to their construction clients. We level the playing field when it comes to technology, allowing our smaller partner firms to compete head to head with the larger ones on OCIPs and CCIPs nationwide.

We help all our clients, regardless of their company size, to manage their clients' programs more effectively and bid more competitively for new projects.

Our recent success story with TSIB illustrates this concept perfectly. We allowed them to start up a new practice, without the million-plus-dollar budget typically associated with developing in-house wrap-up administration technology.

Our vision is to be the go-to technology system for wrap-up administration industry-wide. When all wrap-up administrators are utilizing comparable technology, more important factors such as cultural compatibility, service strength, expertise, and reliability can weigh more heavily in the decision.

There are many factors involved in deciding which wrap-up firm will be the best partner for your business, but with VUE Wrap-Up, technology does not need to be one of them.