Multi-device ready wrap-up administration software

The #1 Choice for Wrap-Up Administration Software

VUE Wrap-Up™ is an advanced, web-based solution for streamlining and automating the management of Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP). VUE Wrap-Up™ allows  CIP administrators to leverage automation, reliability and mobility without the overhead of maintaining an in-house system or the cost of outsourced services.

Cloud based solution

Real-Time SaaS

Wrap-Up document management

Track & Store Paperwork

Total automation

Total Automation

Manage Liability. Save Money. Take Control.


Low Cost of Ownership

Organizations choosing VUE Wrap-Up™ are freed from the high cost of ownership that accompanies in-house proprietary technology. No third-party IT-project management companies are required. There is also no need to have IT personnel develop, maintain, fix, update or manage the system. 

Stress-free SaaS Solution

Unlike proprietary systems where surprise fixes can adversely impact the budget, VUE Wrap-Up™ has predictable and consistent fees. Updates are provided regularly. Configurations are far more cost efficient than with in-house IT resources or expensive third-party consultants.

  • VUE Wrap-Up™ is extremely robust, flexible, and by far the best wrap-up system I have utilized.
  • VUE Wrap-Up™ along with our administrative services will prove highly valuable to our clients.

Trusted by Companies Worldwide

More than $50+ Billion in CIP programs are administered by VUE Wrap-Up™ Clients

 Alliant Uses VUE Wrap-up
 KeenanUses VUE Wrap-up
 TSIB Uses VUE Wrap-up
 Construction Risk Uses VUE Wrap-up
 Amerise Uses VUE Wrap-up

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