VUE Wrap-Up™ is the leading OCIP/CCIP administration technology platform
designed to automate and streamline the administration of controlled insurance programs for the construction industry.

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Solution Benefits

for administrators:

  • Stay organized and handle tasks quickly and correctly
  • Stay on top of delinquencies
  • Ensure program compliance with respect to enrollment forms, experience  modifiers, offsite coverage and payroll




With an inefficient system, administrators need to spend more time performing routine tasks, leaving less time for everything else. Efficient technology reduces the burden on administrative users, freeing them up to take on more new business and be more responsive to sponsor demands.

for brokers:

  • Minimize up-front costs
  • Launch an administrative services business quickly
  • Save time following up on subcontractors’ enrollment forms, experience modifiers, offsite coverage and payroll




More wrap-up brokers are offering administrative services to their clients. This is a logical next step for many brokers who already have client relationships to leverage and insider knowledge of how wrap-ups work.Brokers can ensure success by utilizing an advanced platform at an accessible investment.

For contractors and owners:

  • Keep private control over program data
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to program status
  • Bring wrap-up administration in-house with low up-front  costs



 Contractors & Owners

Contractors & Owners

Wrap-up program sponsors, whether contractors or owners, need peace of mind when it comes to ensuring the success of their CIPs. Sponsors have the potential to save 50% of costs currently spent on outsourced administration by bringing the tasks in-house. A secure technology platform allows sponsors to begin management services right away with low start-up costs.


Performance Features

Streamline Communication

An online subcontractor portal organizes subcontractor communications, eliminates paperwork and reduces manual intervention. Email and fax integration further organizes communication. Sponsors receive scheduled, automated reports for real-time reporting on program health.

  • Manage Contractor Communications
  • Measure task completion with comprehensive tracking and auditing
  • Send documents via email or fax


 View hierarchy of contractors, subcontractors, and lower-tier subcontractors. 

Track and Store Paperwork

Electronically organize documents to eliminate the need for paper filing systems. Keep a history of all communications, contracts, offsite coverage certificates and other documentation for each subcontractor on a project.

  • Create, store and send letters and certificates
  • Track and archive correspondence
  • Capture a detailed audit trail for every transaction



 Streamline communications using subcontractor portal

Manage Liability

Supervise accountability with a comprehensive hierarchical view of contractors, subcontractors, and lower-tier subcontractors. Manage offsite coverage, EMR’s and claims for every subcontractor on a project.

  • Build master contractor profiles
  • Track sub-contractor relationships in a hierarchy
  • Calculate loss ratio by project



 Organize documents of every project using wrap-up software solution

The VUE Advantage

 Two decades of experience in building wrap-up administration software

Customer Driven

We are driven by our customer’s business process models. Since we are a privately owned company, we are not distracted by investors and stock price; we instead choose to focus on our customer service and satisfaction.

We know Insurance

Backed by more than 20+ years of experience developing automated solutions for the insurance industry, VUE Software can provide a valuable competitive advantage to our companies implementing Wrap-Ups. 




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