Turner Surety Insurance Brokerage Success Story

 Turner Surety Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Paramus, NJ – U.S.A.


Company Profile:
Turner Surety and Insurance Brokerage, Inc. (TSIB) is one of the largest privately held insurance brokers in the US. Representing billions of dollars in construction volume, their experience in the field brings firsthand knowledge and understanding of its unique risks and complexities.


As the long-time broker for a top construction firm’s national rolling contractor-controlled insurance program, Turner Surety Insurance Brokerage (TSIB) had in-depth experience with wrap-up programs.  But the placement of a CCIP is only the beginning; these programs also entail in-depth daily administration. Since TSIB did not offer administrative services, TSIB’s wrap-up clients used a third-party firm for these services. 

TSIB saw an opportunity to help its wrap-up clients save costs, as well as benefit from more personalized service. The company decided to not only broker the insurance for their clients, but administer their programs as well. But, they lacked the staff and technology infrastructure to support an administrative practice. After a comprehensive evaluation, TSIB decided to partner with VUE Software

We would not have gotten where we are today as quickly or cost effectively without partnering with VUE Software. Their software and service has been highly instrumental to our success at wrap-up administration. With them as our technology partner, we are enabled to put our best ideas into action, stay at the forefront of wrap administration, and effectively serve our clients.
— Will Daniel, Director of National Accounts


TSIB’s partnership with VUE Software has allowed them to increase revenues, grow their client base, and save money. With VUE Wrap-Up, TSIB now has access to advanced technology, simplifying many processes through automation. VUE Software’s in-house team of data entry outsourcing professionals further aided TSIB in increasing their productivity while maintaining lean operations.

Increase in Revenue
VUE Wrap-Up allowed TSIB to grow their business by launching a new service offering. Now, with a solid foundation for streamlined program administration, TSIB is able to offer more to their client base and generate additional revenue.

Cost Savings
The professional data entry services team at VUE Software helped TSIB keep start-up costs low while increasing productivity. The advanced automation capabilities of VUE Wrap-Up further decrease the time and cost associated with every step of program administration.

The quick turnaround time in making enhancements and updates to the system further helps TSIB stay at the forefront of technology as a business driver in the construction risk management industry.

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