Vue Wrap-Up Management goes live with Keenan & Associates

Coconut Creek, Florida, 2/23/2009 – Computer Solutions & Software International (CSSI) announced that Vue Wrap-Up Management, which had been in the process of being implemented at Keenan & Associates to support their Statewide Educational Wrap Up Program (SEWUP), is now live. Keenan is depending on the adaptability and agility that Vue Wrap-Up Management provides to help them manage the unique aspects of School and District construction risk. The successful implementation of this Web Application reiterates the quality service CSSI consistently provides, which is the backbone of the company’s long-standing business relationships.

“Vue Wrap-Up Management is a comprehensive Insurance Administrative Solution that was designed to meet the needs of Third Party Administrators and MGA’s to control the contract administration lifecycle”, said Stephen Bruno, President and CEO of CSSI. “We thoroughly understand this segment of the industry and our product offers the proven technology, architecture and key benefits that Keenan was looking for.”

With Vue Wrap-Up Management, Keenan has the capability to efficiently and effectively manage all related issues: Programs, proposals, invoices, enrollments and payroll, policy documentation, credit calculation, certificates, loss-run information, coverage tracking, renewals, safety reports, etc. under one robust modular software platform that is adaptable to future marketplace and industry changes. This will result in streamlined internal operations and will drive cost benefits and productivity gains for both Keenan and their clients.

Other key benefits that Vue Wrap-Up Management creates for Keenan are:

Objects are easily customized
Easy to learn and use
Powerful reporting system
Electronic interfaces
Standards-based interfaces (XML, ACORD, text)
Deployed directly into Keenan’s data center
Feature-rich and User-Friendly
Document Manager
Web-based user interface
Pro-active communication (fax, email, pre formatted letters)
Contractor Portal
Smart View

Along with the valuable asset of being able to automate repetitive proposal processing, Vue Wrap-Up Management brings the added benefit of a built-in Contractor Portal. The ready availability of insurance certificates for contractors and the utility of the system’s Document Manager greatly speed up administrative processes. This not only ensures efficient time utility and money saving but it also keeps the process highly competitive to bring more business.

Vue Wrap-Up Management encompasses the entire project and contract administration lifecycle for an MGA, super MGA or insurance company. The system makes managing contractor insurance and determining insurance cost much more efficient and simple. The system includes functions for each of the functional sectors of the department; including program management, underwriting, project coordination, OCIP administration, loss control, management tracking and reporting.

“Since our entire program administration has been centralized and automated in the Vue software, it has greatly improved our data integrity and increased our productivity by combining OCIP Administration, Underwriting, and Claims Administration into one database”, said Alisa Hawkins, Administration Manager-SEWUP and CIC of Keenan & Associates

“The Vue database has allowed us to meet the changing needs of our clients in our ability to analyze our data from different perspectives such as, client specific, project specific, contractor specific, total program results, specific program year, or by geographical area. This has added much value to our program administration and service offering to our clients.”

The “Smart View” window introduced into the solution provides owners or contractors insight into the entire database that helps give tremendous control on the overall process. This assists in drastic reduction of time in tedious policy and credit calculations. Intuitive interfaces and ease in use make it more comfortable for the end user. Keenan understood the benefits that Vue Wrap-Up Management creates and will use them to maintain its leadership position in the industry.

“The Vue software greatly improved our insurance carrier’s trust in our ability to manage a comprehensive rolling wrap program”, said Alisa Hawkins. “CSSI surpassed all other vendors in understanding our unique business needs and has allowed us to considerably increase our caseload without adding additional staff through Vue software.”


Founded in 1972, Keenan has grown to the 17th largest insurance broker in the United States. With a network of offices located throughout California and a staff of more than 600 insurance specialists, Keenan continuously provides unparalleled service and customized solutions to its clients.

Keenan is a full service broker, dedicated to providing superior insurance products and services. Keenan’s exceptional growth is directly related to its concentration on meeting the risk management, employee benefits, workers’ compensation and property & liability consulting and brokerage objectives of public entities, health care systems and high-tech firms. This focus brings them a unique understanding of the diverse challenges and risks facing their clients and they offer solid, trusted expertise in protecting and enhancing those client’s human and capital resources.

About CSSI and Vue wrap-up management®

Vue Software® is the product division of Computer Solutions and Software International dedicated to providing industry-specific business technology solutions to companies in the insurance, healthcare, and construction verticals. Because they are tailored to the needs of these particular industries, our solutions are different from one-size-fits-all performance management and compensation suites such as enterprise incentive management (EIM) and sales performance management (SPM) solutions. Vue Software’s solutions allow companies to manage strategic incentive plans, automate producer administration and organize complex data and contractor policies, resulting in greater administrative efficiency and improved sales performance. For more information about Vue Software, please call 1.877.4.VueSOFT or visit

Vue Wrap-Up Management is a dynamic, purpose-designed tool to effectively manage the Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP)/Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP) insurance lifecycle and streamline the policy administration process. Vue Wrap-Up Management is powerful enough for large project coordination, but is affordable and adaptable to the requirements of smaller TPA’s and owners as well. For more information, please visit Vue Wrap-Up Management.

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